Lone Soldier is part military thriller, mistaken identity and complicated star-crossed love story featuring an American lone soldier in the Israeli army during the early 1970s.  A sprawling epic of the tensions between Israel and the United States and between a range of social classes in a time of love and war.

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Lone Soldier brings alive the shifting motivations and allegiances of larger-than-life characters during the early 1970s, some of the most significant years in the history of Israel and the United States. In the spirit of Herman Wouk’s novel, The Winds of WarLone Soldier is part military thriller, mistaken identity and complicated star-crossed love story. Fast-paced action is paired with meticulously researched historical events.  Lone Soldier features a mixture of real and fictional characters to create a sprawling epic of the tensions between Israel and the U.S. and between a range of social classes in a time of love and war. What emerges is the portrait of one man in particular, Arik Meir, a hero for his time – and for all times.

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Arik Meir

Born into poverty, Arik is an only child, a loner from the wrong side of Los Angeles. His father, injured during the 1948 Israeli war and unable to work, depends on Arik for everything. An outstanding athlete, Arik tries to fit into the mainstream Jewish community, but he feels like an outcast. He's smart and handsome, but that's not enough to be accepted. The only place where he's comfortable is in the African American community, where he's accepted unconditionally. Arik gives up everything dear to him to join the Israeli Army as a lone soldier.

Dahlia Gilad

Dahlia, the daughter of the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, living in Washington, DC, is a beautiful, smart, athletic teenager with a bright future. She’s Israel’s junior-division tennis champion, speaks four languages, and has travelled the world. But she is also spoiled, immature, impressionable, and prone to making rash decisions. She can be sweet, but despite her “sophistication” she is surprisingly sheltered and isolated from the real world. Her naiveté nearly costs her life.

Ze’ev Meir

Ze’ev Meir, Arik’s father, is a former boxer and Holocaust survivor who immigrated to Israel and then lost a leg heroically in the 1948 war. For some reason, he received no government compensation for his loss and ended up in LA. Unable to work, he becomes dependent on his brother which makes him angry and morose. Chronically battling complications from his injury, he constantly vents his frustration on Arik, who makes it his mission to find out what happened to his father.

Benny Gilad

The Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Benny is ambitious, distinguished and successful with a dark secret. He loves his family, but he is determined that nothing should interfere with his career. He is persuasive and charismatic but within the family, he is overbearing, protective and opinionated. His actions nearly destroys them.

Ze’evi Ehrenreich

A handsome, smart rogue, the son of one of the wealthiest Jews in the US who grew up in the lap of luxury. Ze’evi is extremely sophisticated socially, mingling with the sons and daughters of America’s business elites, political figures, as well as Hollywood celebrities. Although extremely well thought of amongst his peers, Ze’evi harbors a dark side. As his relationship with Dahlia deepens, he draws her into his world of shadows.

Mikki Zohar

Mikki is a beautiful and brilliant Israeli intelligence officer. She comes from a well-known military family. Though she is tough, Mikki is soft inside especially when she's with Arik. Her family is warm and embracing, adopting Arik as one of their sons. Mikki will do anything for her country, but mostly, anything for Arik.

A story about


Arik is an athlete par excellence - but being a soldier requires more. Can Arik make the right choices as he comes of age into adulthood?


Throughout the book, Arik tries to find out who he is and what is his purpose. Living in the shadow of his father’s shattered life Arik struggles to find the roots of his family’s suffering.


Two flawed characters fall in love in summer camp, but circumstances separate them. Learn how Arik and Dahlia change when they go their separate ways ….

“Prejudice is a cancer that consumes the human soul”

Leo Rozmaryn

About the Author

Dr. Leo Rozmaryn is a reconstructive hand and microvascular surgeon by trade. A native of New York City, Dr. Rozmaryn graduated from Queens College in 1977, and later received an MD from Columbia University. Following his residency in orthopedic surgery, he completed his fellowship training. Dr. Rozmaryn has a busy private practice in the Washington DC area, and has been selected by Washingtonian Magazine as one of its “Top Doctors” for the past twelve years, and has been cited by the Washington Post and the US News and World Report for professional excellence.

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